• You are welcome to Awakening Womanhood Group Website! We are a group of women who have immensely benefited from the Spiritual Knowledge mediated in The Grail Message, In The Light of Truth, by Abd-ru-shin, and use the Knowledge as the basis of our lives and also to address questions on the role of womanhood in ennobling her environment. […]

Every man on earth, though we are at different levels of experiencing, feels inwardly tugged and pulled by a myriad of experiences, some of  which inspire, compel, perplex and are most times incomprehensible. The threads with which the fabric of our lives are woven are supplied by none other than ourselves, and our present fate is the sum total of the decisions and paths we have walked in several earth-lives. […]

Over time, the meaning of the word “evil” has changed considerably, especially in the last few centuries.  In time past, it was conceived as any form of immoral, dishonourable, base and corrupt act. However, as “evil” became distinctly and progressively pervasive, the state of humanity also influenced the meaning and it gradually evolved and found greater expression in acts that are seen as demonic, devilish, diabolic, fiendish, dark, and any […]

Words are powerful! Ask anyone who has ever been lifted up from the depths of despair with words that seemed to pierce through their thick, dark and suffocating clouds, parting them wide to show once again, the bright rays of hope. Ask also, anyone whose world has come crashing down into an uncountable number of broken fragments, after hearing from the mouth of perhaps a much loved one, words of […]

The human life cycle of both sexes involves childhood and adulthood, with transitory phases in between. One of such phases is adolescence which includes the teen years. The dream of every child is to grow up into a fine, wise, self-confident, assertive and prepossessing adult with little thought given to the transitory stage of adolescence which is filled with a host of physical, physiological, and mental changes; confusion, turbulence, disorganization, […]

It has often been said by many whilst analyzing the catastrophic occurrences in the world today, that all the world needs is one true woman. With the population of the human female-kind on earth, one may rightly wonder what this statement means. Who is a true woman, and what makes her different from the average woman on the street? Is it her fashion-style and taste, her ability to cook and […]

True beauty is from within! Every woman has within her a soft sparkle of beauty that radiates from her innermost being, which like a blazing fire, spreads warmth and joy to the weary wanderer; beckoning him tenderly to rest from his toil. It is a priceless gift which transcends the mundane dictates of fashion, style and time. It is eternal; a rare product of a noble spirit. So it really […]

Two major events in the existence of a human being are BIRTH and DEATH; and they are closely linked, for death is but birth into the unseen world. Human reactions emanating as a result of both events are usually different. While there is rejoicing and jubilation over the birth of a child, there is deep sorrow, grief and pain over the death of another. Worse still is if the departed […]

Mothers, generally speaking, spare no pain in securing their children’s happiness, and can even go as far as “taking the bullet” in their place! These sacrifices…great and small, all amount to one thing – love for the child. As the popular saying goes, “charity begins at home”; home being the preparatory ground for the upbringing of children. Thus, because the mother is primarily responsible for this sacred space (the home), […]

Thoughts are alive, they are functional, they serve us for good or for bad. They obey the laws of HOMOGENEITY and RECIPROCITY. They also take on form according to their nature. When you generate and sustain a thought, you become homogeneous with the object or subject of your thought and so you are able to attract or magnetize it to yourself. Thoughts could also be regarded as seeds sown which […]

Work is any activity that is directed towards achieving or making something. It may often involve payment for services rendered. And sometimes it can involve activity for which one is not paid. It may be difficult to reconcile the idea of work with prayer, but we shall attempt to do so here; as succinctly as possible. When we speak of prayer, we often visualize throwing one’s self before the Creator, […]