A faithful wife is a faithful helper

A faithful wife is more than just one who keeps her marital vows to her husband as is normally believed. Faithfulness involves much more than just deciding not to commit adultery. A nagging wife cannot be called faithful even if she does not commit adultery, so also a wife who does not keep the longing for the noble alive in her husband. A wife who does not support her husband’s endeavours or who competes with her husband cannot be called faithful. It is evident that faithfulness in a wife is much wider and broader than is the normal interpretation.

Faithfulness is a virtue from out of Purity and Love. It is our way of manifesting purity and Love. By purity is meant purity of thoughts, words and actions. This can only be achieved by knowing the Laws of Creation, understanding these Laws and attuning our thoughts, words and deeds to them.

A faithful wife is first and foremost a woman. So she must first realize who she is as a woman. She is a bridge between this world and the higher worlds. The Power from above which maintains and sustains Creation first reaches her, flows through her while she directs and uses this Power for the maintenance through her thoughts, words and actions. The Power naturally flows through her because that is her nature, irrespective of her standing. Unfortunately, woman has largely been misusing this Holy Power rather than use it for the right purpose of uplifting her environment.

Therefore, a faithful wife first has to be a faithful woman who fulfils her task in Creation by directing this Power for the ennoblement of her environment through her way of life. Once she uses this Power the right way, her husband and humanity in general will be helped making her a faithful helper as well.

A woman is also endowed with a very powerful intuitive capacity. She is able to discern right and wrong. She is more closely connected to nature and more sensitive to events than the man. So a faithful wife is able to support her husband in making the right decisions. This is evidenced in several cases of reports where a wife is able to prevent her husband from embarking on a trip and thereby saving him from a terrible accident. This is possible where a wife intensifies her longing for the noble and for her Creator thereby strengthening her intuition.

We cannot talk about a faithful wife without talking about love. There is a saying that a faithful wife is one who loves her husband above all else, but this saying is both limited and limiting; therefore, it should be that a faithful wife is one whose love for her husband does not overshadow her love for The Creator. A woman who loves her husband above all else will do anything to please him and this overindulgence will lead to indolence without her helping him. However, when a woman’s longing for salvation is so immense above all else, everything she does for her husband will be that which benefits him spiritually and this will help him a great deal. That is where true love resides, in doing that which benefits the other and in selfless service. When a woman is able to portray this love, she inspires her husband to strive for the ideal and do everything within his power to make her happy.

The advice now is for woman to once more truly become who she is willed by the Creator to be, she must change into one who lives ONLY in accordance to the WILL of the Almighty and nothing else. To live according to this Will is to know this Will which shows itself in the Laws of Creation and the commandments of The Lord. Every wife who strives with all her might to adjust her way of life to these laws and keep ALL the commandments of the Lord will be faithful to her Creator, her husband and humanity as a whole.

This is not to say that the man has no responsibility in this. He should once more recognize in woman the great help which she is for him, honour her and ensures he protects her and helps her into fulfilling her task instead of just seeing her as a play thing or as the usual “weaker” sex. Imagine a situation where Pontius Pilate had seen in his wife her high task and had listened to her admonitions to have nothing to do with the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God would have been spared the gruesome murder and humanity would have been spared the enormous guilt.

The woman guides the man spiritually; the man protects the woman physically. Once these two strive to remain at their duty posts instead of competing with each other, the world would once more become as it should be, a Paradise on earth.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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