A world without women

One of the gifts unique to womanhood is her ability of clear intuitive perception. As woman is more sensitive than man, she is able to more clearly perceive and bring to bear the Will of the Creator. In the distinction between man and woman it is man who embodies the masculine nature. He possesses more of the dense, coarser element. He is able to have a more direct influence therein, he exercises greater strength, infact his body and nature have a make-up that is suited to this. Man therefore would appear to be the stronger one.

This differing masculine and feminine qualities are however not indicative of greater or lesser strength or value, they are rather indicative of abilities which if in their exercise balance each other make for a harmonious relationship on the one hand and sustained upbuilding activity on the other.

At present this balance is distorted. The higher part which woman bears within herself and with which she was meant to bring about the loftiness of Paradise on earth she now subjects and presses down under the rule of the intellect which however knows nothing of Paradise. As a balance to the spiritual intuition, the earthly intellect has the role of putting into earthly visible forms the spiritual impressions of the soul. It is only a natural manifestation of the rule of the intellect on earth therefore that the focus is solely on the material without the reinvigorating balance of the spiritual.

And so in some quarters woman is perceived as a sexual object whose essence lies in being sexy, alluring and attractive to the man. In the circle of those with better intentions woman is perceived as a lovable mother, a help in the home, whose relevance in the home begins and ends in the kitchen. Womanly charm which is a product of inner spiritual gracefulness is now transformed to coquetry which forces the attention of the man upon the woman, rather than through her, beyond her to God, the Almighty.

In addition, more and more of the deeply sensitive nature, the feminine nature, that is part of womanliness is now being discarded like a no longer useful cloak. The nature of life on earth today seeks to put woman in the active, energetic, decisive, more earthfocused roles. In these roles she relies more on reason than intuition to guide her efforts. If this state of affairs is sustained in womanhood there occurs a separation from her that which defines her, which is her finer and more intuitive nature. She becomes no different from the man.

She becomes unable to serve as a channel for the streaming to the earth of revitalizing Power from Above. Man, and of course woman too, sorely needs this revitalizing Power to be able to bring about favorable and progressive upbuilding on the earth. This type of upbuilding seeks to make a connection with what lies above, it seeks to bring about a Paradise here on earth.

It is also this channel that enables woman to bear children, it serves as the bridge by which souls incarnate to find experience and possible redemption on the earth. Where this bridge is lacking souls cannot incarnate, or at best we have souls incarnating in bodies whose inadequate formation makes them readily susceptible to illnesses. As man, the masculine, does not possess this bridge, he is unable to carry out this task.

Woman is a being of beauty and light. Her very nature draws attention to nobler, finer thinking. Even among persons we would refer to as being uncultured one observes the effort of the masculine to be a little better in the presence of a woman. Part of inner fulfillment of the masculine comes from his ability to be protective of the feminine, to create for her a peaceful harbour. Where there is no woman, what will the masculine protect, what will inspire nobility and keep alive the memory and longing for spiritual values?

A world without women will be lacking in all these aforementioned areas. It will be a world devoid of beauty and light, a world that is filled with persistent aggression, a world that will run aground out of its own self-imposed chaos. It is a world rather not imagined.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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