About us

You are welcome to the Awakening Womanhood Group Website!

We are a group of women who have immensely benefited from the Spiritual Knowledge mediated in The Grail Message, In The Light of Truth, by Abd-ru-shin, and use the Knowledge as the basis of our lives and also to address questions on the role of womanhood in ennobling her environment.

We have the conviction that it is a very crucial role that Creation has assigned to woman. Woman is endowed with a “fine” nature that enables her to be very receptive of the flow of the creative and sustaining Power from the Creator. In turn, she is meant to use this Power that flows through her to ennoble her environment and everything she comes in contact with. This is not limited to her home environment, work environment and all other places where she functions. It includes, most significantly, her spiritual environment which impacts on other creatures. Sad to say, much of that influence presently, has been on the down-ward path!

Every human structure and process derives direct influence from the smallest unit of the society which is the home. You name it: religion, politics, economics, and social spheres; all receive compelling influence from this smallest unit. And in this smallest unit of the society, woman is the Queen. Her intuitive abilities enable her to nurture, tend and care for other creatures. It is a Creation’s assigned role.

Awakening Womanhood Group sets out to awaken the consciousness of this high task in every woman by drawing insights from the Grail Message to address issues that primarily concern womanhood, family, child upbringing, nature, virtues, values, principles of healthy living, the place of woman in the society, among others.

Readers are kindly enjoined to avail themselves of the immeasurable and vast knowledge in this great Work, which explains without gaps, the Structure of Creation, the origin and purpose of man in Creation, the Laws of Creation and the Will of the Almighty Creator, and all what man needs to know in order to walk his path to Salvation.

It is our fervent wish that through this effort woman will once again assume her duty post and be what she is meant to be: the priestess of purity!