Behind every successful man is a woman; but how?

Behind every successful man is a woman

Success is a concept that is so relative and dynamic – it holds different meanings and perspectives for different people. For some, it could be the achievement of a goal, it could be financial profitability/freedom, while for others, success is simply the absence of failure.

For the man, success in any form becomes imperative in order to avoid ridicule. He must thus overcome challenges within his nuclear family, with people in society, in the workplace and in fact, all facets of his life. It may be safe to say that both men and women face similar challenges, but both tackle them in their own unique ways, because of the differences in their being. I do not speak here of the differences in the physical body- this serves only the purpose of procreation.

The real human being is the Spirit, which animates the body. The main difference between man and woman- that which exerts an influence when it comes to success in any capacity, is to be found in the spirit. The female spirit is passive (and subtle) in its activity while the male spirit is more active (and forthright) in its activity.

With these distinctions, one must not make the mistake of thinking that the woman is weaker because her activity is described as passive for underneath her perceived physical weakness of the woman lies spiritual strength that can save or destroy nations!

A female is equipped with the capacity to connect with and receive spiritual impulses and messages. This is often referred to as female intuition. In the absence of impurity and moral corruption, the influence of a woman is always an uplifting one, leading to the achievements of the greatest feats. Herein lies a woman’s true strength; her number one calling. When a woman fulfils this calling, the man in her path must experience success!

She has an in-built link to Paradise, and standing in this spiritual connection she receives strength from on high and passes it down to all those around her, beautifying and uplifting everything around her in the process and giving support to the man who opens up to receive of this bounty. All this is possible once a woman is actually womanly and does not try to copy the man in his activity, or sell her spiritual gifts cheaply in order to become a slave to fashion, immorality and other evils that mark her as a tool of the devil. You will agree that a cursory look at the present day woman will testify that most women are far from being womanly!

Thus, behind every successful man is a woman! The saying has no derogatory meaning to it, for standing behind does not make one less, in contrast, standing behind suggests that the woman is the supportive figure, the stronger, uplifting party who receives strength from the heavens and mediates it to the man for him to execute his positive, coarser masculine activities.

The man need not be married to her in order to benefit from the spiritual strengths of such a woman although, if he has such a spiritually open partner who completes him with a special blend of strengths that complements his weaknesses and vice versa, then he will be doubly blessed in his pursuit of success.

The woman who stands behind a successful man may be a mother, a daughter, sister, a female friend, a love interest or a wife. The man who is not walled in by conceit will definitely sense this with each step he takes and he will know that it was not just his connections, the loan he received, or the rigorous education, or his charisma and hard work that brought success his way – there must have been a woman’s uplifting, supportive influence along the path, even if the only manifestation of this influence was his consent to her appeal for them to pray together, to consider another alternative.

It is this gift that womanhood is endowed with which makes her excel in many endeavours on earth, including motherhood, training of children, politics and industry- wherever the woman finds expression for the yearnings of her Spirit. However, this gift is not at its peak in the pursuit of coarse activity, but in subtle activity and in humbly supporting others to experience success.

Woman is at her most noble self in the refinement and upliftment of humanity as a whole. She can do this by keenly being the receptacle of heavenly power which she should then mediate to all around her.

The world will be a beautiful place when all women reject immorality, vanity and conceit and humbly return to their ordained purpose.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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