Caring for children with hereditary diseases

Despair, exasperation, feeling of shame, rejection, isolation (real and/ or self- imposed), doubt, sense of guilt, blames (voiced and unvoiced), physical and psychological pains, as well as questions like “why me?”, “why do I have to be subjected to this?” either directed to self, parents, or ultimately to the Almighty Father, often accompany various hereditary diseases like Sickle Cell Disease, Hemophilia, Rheumatism, Asthma, Leukemia, Trisomy 16, and G6PD, deficiency among others. A careful assessment of these clearly indicate that the sufferer, parent(s), guardian, relatives or those concerned view such diseases as undeserved, unjust, and at times as an act of imperfection from God. But is their opinion really true, are those afflicted and those suffering either directly or by relationship being unjustly created/ visited with such diseases, is this an act of arbitrariness/ imperfection from God?.

Fully understanding who man is, his origin, the purpose of his being here on earth, what happens when he ‘dies’, his ultimate goal, the workings of the Creative Will of God and His Laws in Creation will help mankind to better answer these questions and come to as much as is possible the grand pictures of why, when, and how certain events happen, and to whom.

The Whole of Creation is anchored in the Will of the Almighty which is the driving force and from which the Immutable Laws governing Creation ensues. Basically, there are three Laws that rule and govern every activity in Creation in the ever upholding Creative Will; these are: 1. Law of Reciprocal action which is reflected as Law of sowing and reaping; every one of man’s action and/ or inaction shall return to him in like manner in fact in higher proportion. 2. The Law of Homogeneity generally perceived as ‘birds of a feather flocks together’. Where, when, who, by whom, and how individual incarnate/ reincarnate is without mistake under the perfect control of this Law. And lastly, the Law of Gravity which automatically directs and ensures that man journeys either upwards home to Paradise, need for reincarnations, or downwards to dark, nether regions of pain and agony depending on the weight of the spirit after ‘earthly death’ which is determined by thoughts, words, actions and inactions of the individual while on earth.

As a Grace of the Almighty, man can reincarnate several times bringing with him Without Fail threads of fate known as Karma( that must be redeemed before man can return home to Paradise) which serve as the deciding factor as to how, when, to whom, with what, circumstances surrounding ones birth, who gives birth to and must come through who, why some people’s path must meet/cross, who raises and rears a child, and what experiences individuals go through during a life-time. Therefore, individuals would reincarnate for example into families with hereditary diseases not by accident but through a perfect, immutable order; neither is it an accident that some individuals must care for them. Also, it may well be that such health conditions present the best soil for the spiritual unfolding for the afflicted one.

Therefore, the question of “why am I born into this or that family?” or “why do I have to be the one to care for such people with hereditary diseases?” does not arise. Having to witness and experience the physical, social and psychological impact such as pain, agony, isolation, rejection, stigmatization among others suffered by children with hereditary disease can bring about a symbolic redemption of certain acts visited on others in one’s past earth-life. But then should redemption or atonement be the focus in caring for such children?

How should we care for children with hereditary disease? The most important tool in caring for the sufferers of hereditary disease is an understanding of what they are going through by showing empathy and not pity; but giving necessary care without over protection as this can hamper the necessary development of both the care giver and the sufferer. When care is given in love, by way of genuinely helping the one with hereditary disease then, both the sufferer and care giver mutually benefit from the interaction, turning the experience into a joyful one even in the face of pains and agony where no blame or aspersion are casted but rather helping to live, and living life to the full.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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