Making sense of dress sense

Making sense of dress sense

This topic is both a statement and also an enquiry for every woman. Why do you dress up yourself? In other words, what is the sense in dressing up? This should be the first question each person must ask and answer for herself, every time you wish to dress up.

If we pause and cast our gaze upon the attires and manners of dressing we find out there on our streets, we may see different motives emerging.

We can, for instance, identify a motive to clothe the body, a motive to show off wealth, a motive to show off the body, a motive to attract, a motive to become famous and classy, a motive to incite, a motive to copy others, a motive to ennoble, etc. Interestingly, everyone knows deep down what motive she wishes to push forward with every dressing.

Let us remember that in the very prehistoric time, it also was necessary for humans to dress up. But how did they do it? They used leaves to cover up their nakedness. Mark well the words… “to cover up their nakedness”. The main sense in dressing up is to cover up our nakedness.

There is an in-built quality in every human being called ‘sense of shame’. This is a form of inner gauge given to us to ensure that we do not go contrary to our inner nature and become like lower animals. Lower animals do not carry this inner quality of sense of shame; which is why they can do whatever they desire anywhere, anytime, without caring who may or may not be observing.

Human beings are not created that way. Any human being who does same has reduced himself or herself to the level of animals; and therefore cannot be called human anymore.

As civilization dawned on us, we also added more reasons beyond covering our nakedness to include to look good, decent and respectable. What has then happened to that today? Do girls and ladies still dress up to cover their nakedness? Do they dress up to look good, decent and respectable? You know the answer, as well as I do. All you need do is step out to the road and take a corner of the street to observe old and young females alike. You will find that majority are ‘undressing’ instead of ‘dressing up’.

The main drive is imitation. Seeking to belong. Imitation, interestingly, is tied to the imitative instinct found in children. So any lady who still imitates in her choice of dress is childish and has not assumed that personality of individuality. In the Lecture of The Grail Message, ‘ The Beauty of the Peoples’, you find the following: “ Imitation is not uplifting, there is no personal achievement in it! Uniformity through copying is wrong!” You will be nodding in agreement; because this is a well known truth. But how many comply?

Most people succumb to the temptation of wrong dressing simply out of peer pressure. You must check yourself, and refuse to do wrong things simply because your friends are doing it. What is wrong is wrong even if the whole world is doing it. A popular statement says that ‘ the way you dress is the way you will be addressed’. Seduction seems to be the key motive. They say flaunt it if you have got it. So they flaunt all. And men, like moth attracted to fire, plunge forward and are sucked in. Who to blame?

Dressing should be each person’s personal choice. Decent dressing means that you have inner sense of personal respect, for your body and also wish others to regard you with respect. Anything short of that, you will be deviating from the right path. When someone dresses in transparent, revealing dresses, the person is saying I want to go back to the ancient times, when our ancestors wore leaves. It also shows that that person does not have respect for his or her body. Your body should be cherished and protected. It is said that your body is the Temple of God; which means that you must treat it with a high sense of respect.

In the Lecture of The Grail Message, ‘Marriage’, we read: “The body, like the soul, must be regarded as something precious and therefore, untouchable, something that should not be exhibited in order to entice.” It is mainly in your dress sense you manifest an appreciation of this statement.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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