Pre-Marital Sex and Fornication

Pre-Marital Sex and Fornication

Fornication is a term that describes consensual sexual intercourse between two people who are not married to each other and is a generally accepted term for pre-marital sex. A somewhat controversial issue, it is seen as immoral in many quarters just as there are schools of thought that see nothing wrong with it. Hence the goal of this topic is to help us answer the following questions – What really is Marriage and when is sex pre-marital?

In the first place, a Marriage goes far beyond the ceremonies which celebrate it. Indeed not all who go through such outward ceremonies can be said to be truly married, if we are to judge based on what qualifies a Marriage as such before the sight of The Almighty. This fact is even made more evident by the high and rising number of divorces that occur today, which lead to the conclusion that sexual intercourse between such parties would be immoral, notwithstanding the validity conferred on them by Laws of the Land.

The following, are conditions which validate a Marriage in the real sense, whether or not the outward civil ceremonies have been celebrated.

True Love for each other – This love considers what is of spiritual benefit to the beloved, and is filled with the desire to give to, serve, protect the other and ensure no harm in any form comes near. It is more concerned with giving than receiving and when mutually experienced, can practically create a living Paradise on Earth for both parties. It is not the same thing as indulgence.

Complementary qualities – Where two people are destined to be together, one person always possesses the qualities which are lacking in the other. These two who are brought together through the out-working of The Divine Will if they bear within them this earnest and humble desire, form a perfect whole where one becomes a help and support for the other in this journey of life.

Compatibility – This encompasses compatibility in all aspects of their lives, including their spiritual disposition and otherwise. Both parties should have the same high goals, and as well be homogeneous in their convictions; otherwise they may end up living like two strangers, thus breeding disharmony and disrespect.

Physical and Emotional maturity – People who are neither physically mature nor emotionally aware and ready for the possible consequences of sexual activities have no business engaging in it no matter their intention, or whether it is permissible by particular Laws. The dis-regard for this fundamental point is without doubt one of the causes of the high rates of unwanted pregnancies and other crimes against children, born or unborn.

From the above submissions, it can be understood that sexual intercourse is either moral or immoral based primarily on the spiritual foundation of the union and its alignment or otherwise with the Will of The Creator, and not simply based on the outward ceremonies, which unfortunately nowadays, are given much more attention than the actual Marriage acts.

This is not in any way meant to give an open license for people to indulge carelessly in unrestrained sexual intercourse or cohabitate freely with one another without further ado. On the contrary, a union founded on true love in which both parties consider themselves soul-mates, will through their inner purity value and respect one another in every way, and would naturally strive with all their might to solemnize their union physically as appropriate for them.

In summary, the physical body is meant to be the temple of Our Creator and must be duly respected, appreciated and treasured by every human being as an immeasurable gift from Him. With this fact accepted and understood, it would simply become impossible for anyone to indulge in the act cheaply without much thought. Sexual intercourse is a God-given opportunity for procreation and the incarnation of souls on earth, just as it is an act meant to further unite and strengthen two souls who are in spiritual harmony. Under these conditions and regardless of the prevailing physical circumstances, it will always be in accordance with The Will of God, but will be physically and spiritually damaging with very grave consequences when otherwise.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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