Raising virtuous children

‘Virtues’ are defined as “the characteristics of a person which supports individual moral excellence and collective well-being”. But beyond this definition, they are the noblest and purest of qualities such as courage, patience, humility, beauty, justice, and so on, which are the very essence of what is Spiritual, from whence man originates. A person of virtue therefore is one who has been able to make use of all the various conditions of his life through conscious, humble living in accordance with the Laws of Creation, to awaken every noble quality within him to full activity. He is one who through his way of life benefits and furthers all of life and his fellow men therein. Given the above, it is quite natural for the question to arise as to how children can be raised in such as a way as to preserve and awaken these innate virtues in them as is willed by The Creator; the following may guide us.

Ensure that only virtuous children are born: Many mothers often complain about having malicious children who behave like no other member of the family and they wonder how this could have happened, since it is generally though ignorantly believed that the behavior of a child can only determined or formed after birth. Contrary to this prevalent thought however, it begins long before the child is born.

Based on the knowledge that human beings are granted several incarnations on earth as a grace to give ample time for their spiritual development and maturity, once a woman becomes pregnant, there immediately surrounds her, several discarnate souls desirous of an opportunity to be born for the purpose of developing here on earth. Many factors can influence the nature of souls that become closely attracted to the expectant mother and also ultimately determine which particular soul incarnates and takes possession of the growing body. The Law of Attraction of homogeneous species which means ‘like attract like’ as well as The Law of sowing and reaping are two of such amongst others. The process of incarnation usually happens at the middle of pregnancy and that is when the expectant mother feels the first kicks of the baby. Thus, a woman who wishes to have a virtuous child must first of all strive to become a virtuous woman and will do well to ensure that her immediate surrounding is filled with people of similar disposition, because indeed ‘like always attracts like’. Also, she should strive to keep herself cheerful and happy, and keep her thoughts pure and free from all negativity.

Teach by example: After successfully going through the period of pregnancy and having the child, her first task is completed and the next is to ensure that the child grows up the right way. Children learn easily; and the words, actions and mannerisms they learn first are those of their parents and immediate environment especially their mothers. Those whose parents always exchange abusive words may be negatively influenced as will those who are exposed to all sorts of un-childlike activities in their home or surroundings. Therefore, people who wish to raise virtuous children must themselves strive to live as virtuous adults and by so doing teach by example.

Identify and teach them the virtues: At their age, children are very receptive and will easily absorb what they are constantly taught. Therefore as part of their necessary education, these virtues should be identified and taught to them as simply as possible using illustrations which portray the ‘rewards’ and benefits for themselves and others; for example the need to be honest, caring, or to treat others with respect and consideration etc. This is the simplest way for them to be introduced to the Laws of Creation (the Will of God) which governs all happenings, and learn to align themselves with It.

Let children be: Most parents already have a preconceived idea of what they want their children to become and do everything to influence and sometimes force them into towing that line. Some want to boast to their peers how intelligent their children are and so put them through all kinds of pressures to become intelligent or precocious unnaturally, all in the name of studies which eventually harm the children and take them away from their normal process of development. It is worthy to note that the parents do not “own” the child. Children are merely guests who are on their own journey towards development and it is the duty of their parents to nurture them in the best way possible based on their particular natures and needs which they must strive to discover until they are old enough to decide which paths they wish to follow.

Although parents oftentimes do this with the best of intentions, for example, in order to spare them many disappointments which they may personally have encountered while growing up, these efforts are unnecessary because no two human beings are meant to follow exactly the same path or have exactly the same experiences, and the parent-child relationship is no exception to this.

Children should be allowed to express themselves freely, by their parents or guardians who only need to guide and help them uncover their own abilities in a natural way rather than force them to become who they are not. In all this, the primary responsibility for raising a virtuous child falls on the woman. Her nature demands it for she has been endowed with all the virtues which if well cultivated and developed will enable her determine the spiritual nature of her offspring before birth and positively influence it after birth if only she wills honestly. But for this to be, she will need to align her entire way of life with the Laws of Creation which express the Will of The Almighty Father. Without any doubt, in a world where every woman truly lives aright, all the children therein would be nothing but virtuous.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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