The Essence of Womanhood

The Essence of Womanhood

As a woman being spiritual simply lies in honouring the intuition. On the one hand is the capacity to receive intuitively; on the other hand is the willingness to manifest this perception. The intuition is the voice of the spirit – it is that quiet gut feeling that persists in speaking even when reason and the voice of the world is at its loudest. Every human being is endowed with the gift of the intuition, but womanhood even more so.

Mankind manifests on earth as spirit beings in a physical body. On earth man uses his brain (intellect) to facilitate, make easy, his sojourn and navigation therein. And yet the intellect is limited in time and space, it can only oversee what is concrete and immediately perceptible to it through the activity of the five senses – or what more he can perceive with the aid of material tools developed by him.

Life on earth however often requires more – foresight, far sight, insight etc. It requires the ability to know beyond the immediate capacity of what is perceptible to the five senses. Say, for instance, a parent is in the process of making enrollment choices for his child. He has the material resources, he also has information about excellent schools relevant to the child’s needs and yet…

The parent considers whether five to six years down the line, the child would indeed have developed its best capacity on the basis of the education received. What the parent needs here is a clearer perception beyond the facts and figures coming in through the five senses; he needs a clarified intuition.

The intuition transcends time and space, it is boundless. It enables the human being on earth to maintain a connection with its spiritual home, Paradise, while having his feet planted on the physical earth.

It is however not sufficient to be able to perceive intuitively, it is just as vital to be able to bring into earthly visible form these perceptions of the spirit.

The human being who is constantly able to do this stands true. He thereby gives meaning and definition to his purpose on earth: to become and remain the connection necessary to sustain the continuous inflow of pure light power from Higher Realms, even from the Creator and Source of All, God.

Womanhood by her delicate nature carries this ability to a more refined extent within herself. She is therefore more readily able to receive pure guidance from above and translate this into her activity on earth, in her daily life irrespective of her status or responsibilities.

The ability to perceive intuitively is fostered and enhanced by earnest pure praying; prayer that submits the soul to the Almighty Will of God and only seeks the strength to fulfill it. It is to this sacred role that Woman is now once again called: First, to awaken the capacity to perceive intuitively. Second, to open her soul to guidance from above through earnest prayer and total submission to the Will of God.

This is the essence of Womanhood. When womanhood fulfills this humanity also finds fulfillment.


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The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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