The intuitive woman

Woman on earth has as her highest gift a greater capacity to perceive intuitively. The intuition is the voice of the spirit; it is also called the inner voice. Through it mankind is able to receive pure spiritual perceptions and mediate them to the earth under the activity of the intellect, the seat of the frontal brain. The exercise of the intuition also brings one the experience of being more closely connected with Paradise, even while on earth. It also brings the assurance of being protected at all times.

Woman has a more clarified intuitive capacity hence, she is able to enjoy these benefits and much more. Through the exercise and development of this part of herself she is more attuned to the Creator. She is more blessed and filled with joy. She does not need to occupy any external position or role for this. It is sufficient that she is woman.

Woman herself is the first and sole beneficiary of this joy, the continuous experiencing of which becomes her longing. It spreads beyond her and flows out of her into her activity. She begins to avoid emotions of anger, envy, conflict, aggression, hatred, and activities such as gossiping, backbiting. She recognises that these do not encourage a joyful inner state. Quietly, without calling attention to herself, she embraces qualities of truthfulness, harmonious interaction, beauty, elegance, nobility and womanly grace. She also finds herself exhibiting qualities of patience, peace, kindness, and so on.

Men, women and children are drawn to her and feel safe in their interactions with her. Her simple, clear manner of interacting is invigorating and refreshing. In all naturalness, and as a balance, those who thus interact with her become protective of her. They would not want any harm to come to her from afar off or nearby through themselves. They treasure this interaction and would behave in a manner that supports and preserves it.

This brings to the environment refinement, ennoblement and upliftment – both materially and spiritually. It also awakens and preserves the longing for man’s Spiritual Home – Paradise, where all is beautiful. This unique and beautiful experience brings deep, heartfelt joy and gratitude to the Creator. It opens man up to the conscious experience of God’s Power upon himself and his environment.

The foregoing is a virtuous cycle in which woman constantly looks up to the Creator and man in turn through this experiences paradisaical joy. It is to this place of joy that woman is now called. Let us return to the exercise of our first and most important gift: the intuition. This is our real essence, our joy and our strength.

The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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