Woman…Mending and Unfurling her Broken Wings

Woman…Mending and Unfurling her Broken Wings

So much is said generally about ‘the Woman’ and how she is not as she ought to be; we hear numerous admonitions to her from several quarters, to re-awaken her inner strength, her gracefulness and sweet charm, to reclaim her once-upon-a-time high morality, self-esteem and self-confidence, and remember her purposeful living and high calling, all too often buried under a great deal of frivolities and insecurities.

Many women of today go about with their wings broken; and this state of brokenness shows itself in so many ways such as, domineeringness, timidity, insecurity, vain attention-seeking, getting carried away by fashion fads, loss of her personality for the sake of acceptance or approval of others, and in the many other ways which indicate that she has forgotten the grace, dignity and honor that lies in genuine womanhood.

But just as it is more difficult to crush a butterfly in flight than one crawling on the floor with bruised or broken wings, it should have been impossible to mis-treat woman in any form if only she had remained conscious of the power, task and responsibility that Her Creator placed in her hands. The delicate nature of her being was not meant to signify a weakness of her mind or character, but a physical body and spiritual nature better adapted to the reception of pure currents from Paradise for onward transmission to mankind on Earth. And this, in summary, is the purpose of woman, who she was created to be; a constant reminder of the beauty of Paradise through her being and activity, the spiritual mediator of purity and inner strength to man on Earth, and the bridge through whom mankind should have been kept perpetually connected to The Will and Love of The Almighty.

Unfortunately, in Eve’s (woman) eating of the forbidden apple, which was tantamount to forgetting these high and noble tasks, she turned to the cheap substitute offered her by the cunning serpent (the tempter), and embraced vanity, selfishness and conceit. Subsequently focusing all her efforts on drawing man’s attention to herself, her physical charm and beauty, instead of directing it upwards towards the fulfillment of God’s Will, where it ought to have remained.

Instead of always entering into healthy and nurturing relationships/ unions with the opposite sex where she would be rightfully regarded and treated as a help-mate of equal spiritual worth (in a different sphere of activity) many times, she enters into unhealthy unions in which she is subtly viewed and treated as inferior, and where the voice of her spirit is silenced under the pressure to be perpetually subservient to the man without question in all things. At other times, she becomes a prized trophy won and displayed to the society for the sake of his ego and vanity. On many occasions also, she sacrifices the dreams and yearnings of her soul for the sake of fitting into the stereotypes of ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ as determined by societal or cultural norms. But contrary to these perceptions, when a woman walks and works consciously in her purpose and stands behind her man and home as their faithful spiritual protector and strength, she will through her ennobled personality, become an exemplary wife and mother and will not be found wanting in any of her duties.

Thus did she break her wings and fall from her high, noble and queenly perch to the basement floors, where she now needs to stress and struggle alongside man for sustenance; where sometimes she even has to bear the greater burden of physical responsibility for her family, and in so many instances becomes abused, misused and sadly continues to suffer under the many other wrong identities she voluntarily took on, which further debase and dis-honor her God-Willed destiny.

It should however be noted that these burdens under which the woman of today labors, are merely the outward symptoms of a much deeper ailment, the root cause of which must be addressed, if health is to be fully restored. So what then is the way out? Is it to chant women emancipation slogans and fight to prove that everything a man can do, a woman can do better? Is it to dress up in men’s clothing and dorn the garb of aggression and uncouthness in speech and mannerism, or coarsen herself in masculine spheres of activity just to prove her capabilities?

No, it is none of these. The restoration of her true beauty and worth, will occur when woman once again recognizes and embraces womanliness in thought, word and deed; when virtues such as faithfulness, gracefulness, true beauty, loyalty, gentility etc., are nurtured as she upholds her high calling and destiny of being the spiritual guide and support for mankind, through the purity of her aspirations and the resultant re-connection to The Highest Heavens. In this state, all the excesses that are presently observed and complained about in many quarters would naturally fall away, because then, she is as she should be; then, her beautiful and delicate wings would have been mended and unfurled to its fullest lengths and purpose, enabling her to soar high, far above all baseness and superficiality.


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The explanation given in this article is based on the writer’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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